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Cross Border Power Transmission Company Ltd

Cross Border Power Transmission Company Ltd. (CPTC) – a joint venture of IL&FS ENERGY DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LIMITED, POWERGRID CORPORATION OF INDIA LIMITED, SJVN LIMITED and NEPAL ELECTRICITY AUTHORITY has constructed and commissioned 400 KV D/C transmission line of 85.55 Kms of length from Muzaffarpur to Sursand (India Portion of Indo-Nepal Interconnection i.e. 400 kV D/C Muzaffarpur-Dhalkebar transmission line to be initially charged at 220 kV level) in the state of Bihar to establish synchronous interconnection of Indian and Nepalese Electrical grids so as to facilitate import / export of power between India and Nepal.

CPTC is a Company registered under the Companies Act and on grant of transmission license by the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) has executed the following:

(i) 400 KV D/C (with twin moose conductor) Muzaffarpur-Sursand Trans. Line – 85.552 Kms

(ii) 220 KV Bay Extension Work at Muzaffarpur s/s of POWERGRID – 2 No. Of bays.

The transmission line has been completed and commissioned on 19.02.2016. The line was dedicated to the nation on 20.02.2016 by the Prime Minister of India and Nepal.


  • Indo-Nepal Cross Border Transmission Line

    Project Overview

    The transmission line consists of 85.55 kms of 400 kV D/C transmission line from Muzaffarpur (Bihar) to Sursand (Nepal Border) and extension of two nos. of 200 kV bays at 400/220 kV Muzaffapur s/s for termination of 400 kV D/C Muzaffarpur – Dhalkebar (Nepal) transmission line. The transmission line includes OPGW for c